I am starting a blog called the Happyness Journal.

The name refers to the gratitude journal I experimented with in 2015. The blog will focus on the four categories core to my approach to personal fulfillment: travel, minimalism, mindfulness, and happiness. The blog commits me to writing, teaching, and learning about these topics. If at a minimum the blog makes me write, I will be happy.

I will write one to two blog posts a week. Email is sacred. Subscribers trust me with a direct line to their inbox. I will not abuse this trust and so will limit my contact to one or two emails a week. These emails will include my blog posts and additional content from across the internet that I find particularly noteworthy or educational.

I want to create an engaged community.

Travel, minimalism, mindfulness, and happiness are powerful ideas. I want to form a large and engaged audience made up of friends, family, and others interested in these topics. This community could teach me many things.

I want subscribers engaged. What posts work and what don’t? What content areas am I missing? How should my writing style change to facilitate my message?  I am active on email and will respond promptly to all feedback.

Content is king.

All content I send must answer “yes” to the following questions: 1) Does the post/content make me think? 2) Does the post/content have actionable strategies to enhance living? 3) Is the post/content interesting? I will not share content that is not revelatory. Content will focus on the four pillars: travel, minimalism, mindfulness, and happiness. Post types will vary and will include but are not limited to: experience overviews, thought pieces, product guides, and city highlights.

I do not expect profit from the Happyness Journal.

The blog lets me create an engaged community while exploring intriguing ideas. There will be no overt ads anywhere on the site. When evangelizing about a product I love, I may use affiliate links, but I will let you know when I do.

While not working on the Happyness Journal, I work on startups aligned with my four pillars.

Working on startups is my career path of choice. I am currently working on pitching investors / working on an MVP for a quantified self startup. If you are interested in talking startups, please email me.

Email me.

Seriously – I will respond promptly to any questions / concerns / compliments.

Please send this to people you think might be interested.

I want to grow the Happyness Journal community beyond people that I know intimately. If you know anyone interested in a weekly blog on travel, minimalism, mindfulness, and happiness, please forward this to them.

Thank you.

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