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I use the Happyness Journal to live happier and more productively. 

Every post includes actionable strategies on happiness and productivity. I use personal experience and scientific evidence to advocate for these strategies. While I try to make every post universally applicable, happiness is a self-driven pursuit. What works for me may not work for you.

I use the Happyness Journal to learn about happiness.

I believe that to be the happiest we can be, we must first answer fundamental questions about happiness. To start, how do we define happiness? Can we know if we are happy? Answers to these questions and others have been debated for centuries. I use the Happyness Journal to provide clarity to these daunting questions.

I use the Happyness Journal to explore intriguing ideas.

Each week subscribers receive an email on themes such as mindfulness, minimalism, travel, and positive psychology. These themes help me be happy, and I know they can help others too.


Intriguing Ideas

Happy Person


How can we use psychology and philosophy to better understand happiness? By understanding happiness in a more academic manner, we can answer more nuanced happiness questions such as: How do we live happier and more productively? What does it mean to be happy?

Mindfulness - A stack of rocks


My daily meditation routine rejuvenates and grounds me. I began meditating with mobile apps to take a short time out from the daily bustle. Creating a routine can be difficult, but guided apps like Headspace make a meditation habit easier. I try to continue meditating because when I’m mindful, I experience life clearly.

Minimalism - A Tree in White


I only own things that bring me joy. Things make it harder to travel, and they clutter my mind. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo helped me get rid of 80% of my belongings. I now live out of one backpack.

Travel - A signpost


I love to travel because it lets me explore new cultures, experience beauty, and feel uncomfortable. I grew up on the East Coast and travel frequently to Europe. In early 2016, I hiked across 14 states getting to know the Appalachia with my own feet. My next adventure is a trip through West Coast cities to feel how they compare.

About Chris Gibson

I am obsessed with happiness. What is happiness? How does this differ among people? How can we increase our happiness? What habits do successful and happy people have? I have made it my goal to understand these questions inside and out. I don’t always have objective, one size fits all answers, but I know what works for me. 

Mindfulness, minimalism, travel, and happiness theory are core to my pursuit of happiness. So I am currently exploring the world with one backpack. I hope to better understand happiness through the cultures I visit.

In 2016, I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail after quitting my Boston consulting job. I graduated from Dartmouth with a BA in Cognitive Science. I am from Princeton, NJ and the oldest of four.

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Why is Happyness Journal spelled with a ‘Y’?

When thinking about happiness, I come across the question “Why?” a lot. Why am I doing this? Why does this make me happy? The question “Why?” helps dig to the core of an issue such as happiness. But really, I just think Happyness looks better when spelled with a ‘Y’.

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